Welcome to the marketing precinct

Welcome to the marketing precinct. Delighted you could join us.

According to Websters dictionary a precinct can be defined as “An area of thought or action”

And we decided it was time to create a space from which todays marketeers can connect and belong in relation to all things marketing.

This the marketing precinct

Our aim is really simple – we wanted to create a space for you, the brand manager, marketing professional, to connect easily and enjoyably to the latest developments in our industry.

Whether it be research, insights, branding, sponsorship, pr, advertising, design or good pure and simple marketing strategy we are here to help provide you with the latest in an increasingly fragmented and evolving industry.

And we want to share with you from a marketeers perspective – we are not here to sell, just enjoy, learn and connect with professionals on the net.

As the founder of the marketing precinct, share with us your thoughts, views, opinions and suggestions on how we can make our profession an exciting and rewarding.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.


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