The package is right…but what about the taste…


Having a background in FMCG, it always surprises me how many manufacturers work so hard to get the “package” right….but forget about the primary reason for people to enjoy their brands….TASTE!!

I recently was in a supermarket and was enticed by a new offer from Smith’s. It was featured on a gondola end, looked different to others on the shelf and I was more than happy to give it a go. But when I tried it…splat cough cough, yuck. Man what have they tried to do? 

Then I tried them on my kids. They wouldn’t touch them either

Sometimes it seems that they get so stuck in fulfilling the checklist ; ie: Lower fat, air popped, etc that they forget what it all adds up to – Taste is so fundamental to getting it right. I am really keen to support new products – after all that is what us brand innovators do, but delivering on taste has to win every time. Keep on trying Smith’s, consider this attempt as learning….Smith's popped

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