2 billion Facebook Users Worldwide

Thirteen years after its launch, Facebook has now reached the impressive milestone of 2 billion monthly active users. And when you think there are only 7.3 billion people on our beautiful planet that figure becomes even more phenomenal. The fact more than 1 in 4 people in the whole wide world are using Facebook each month […]

Top 4 Trends For Social Media In 2017

Technology and social media have come a long way from the internet chat rooms of the 90s, the MySpace pages that dominated the early 2000s, and the “Facebook versus Twitter” debate later in that decade. The past five years have seen rapid developments. Dedicated websites and specialized forums catering to all age groups, genders, and […]

The newest trick is also the oldest: word of mouth

This article by Greg Daniel from KPMG really gets to the point. It reinforces why social media and word of mouth referrals are so powerful. “According to Nielsen, only 16% of people are influenced by advertising they see on the Internet while 84% are influenced by what people tell them on social media. While the […]

Google schmoogle – an amazing tale on the pace of change

An amazing tale of the underestimated power of the internet. And what a quote from Sol – “Google Schmoogle”. ‘Google Schmoogle’ – how Yellow Pages got it so wrong By John Rice, Griffith University and Nigel Martin, Australian National University Yellow Pages directories have been appearing on doorsteps across Australia in recent weeks. As often […]

A new way to make magazines work for your business..

I love this….all those piles of magazines lying around have come in handy for this design bureau housed in an old textile manufacturing hall in the very centre of Stockholm. A stunning and beautiful piece of architecture, designed by Swedish architecture firm Elding Oscarson, this refit provides a colourful and creative environment for the team […]

Real Iced Tea Co; It’s Real and It’s here..

It is always exciting when a project comes to life. So I’m delighted to share with you the latest project I have been working on alongside Blue Ocean Consulting. Real Iced Tea is a new range of Iced Teas created to deliver a lighter style easier to drink refreshing taste experience. Available in 4 great flavours, you’ll […]

Back to the Brick : How a focus on the brick helped revive Lego’s fortunes

Everyone loves Lego, and the story behind the reinvention of its innovation efforts makes for great reading. Enjoy this latest effort as published in the recent Six Degrees Executive Recruitment newsletter. Back to the Brick – How a focus on the brick helped revive Lego’s fortunes…

The package is right…but what about the taste…

  Having a background in FMCG, it always surprises me how many manufacturers work so hard to get the “package” right….but forget about the primary reason for people to enjoy their brands….TASTE!! I recently was in a supermarket and was enticed by a new offer from Smith’s. It was featured on a gondola end, looked […]